Joyful Dating Coach Profile
Joy Yang is a committed Dating and Relationship Coach. She read lots about dating & relationship, and studied about Feminine / Masculine Energy, Pick up Lines, Body Language, Voice, Emotion Management, the Law of Attraction, the Art of Loving, Self-Improvement, Talents Identification Method, Negotiation Skills, Listening skills, Confucius culture. Her Enthusiasm and Mission is to help you identify and overcome the hidden blocks that hold you back from reaching your full potential in terms of dating success, social success and overall happiness. With the help of her, you will experience immediate and long term changes that include more: confidence, drive, ambition, power, self expression, inner peace, mental clarity, patience, discipline and focus. 
Joy teaches you the exact steps to become “High Value” and communicate your standards in a way that makes you irresistibly attractive to quality partner
Joy 是一位靠谱的约会和浪漫关系教练。她阅览了很多关于约会和情感的文章,学习了女性/男性魅力能量、搭讪技巧、身体语言、声音、情绪管理、吸引力法则、爱的艺术、自我修炼、冰鉴识人术、倾听技巧、谈判技巧、孔子文化。她的激情和使命是去帮助你识别和克服那些隐藏的问题,这些问题是你在约会成功与否、社交成功与否、人生综合快乐方面达到最大潜能的绊脚石。在她的帮助下,你会体验立即和长期的变化。这包括你的自信、驱动力、野心、动力、自我表达、内心平静、精神清楚、耐心、原则性和集中注意能力。


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