Solve your Cross Culture dating and relationship pain at Joyful Girls Meetup
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Event location
北京市朝阳区三元桥西西坝河东里 16号院 梦工坊咖啡二层(曙光西路 时间国际斜对面 )
Event time
2016-4-9~2016-4-9, 15:00 ~ 17:00
Allowed attendent No.
Contact name
Joy Yang
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Bus and Map
Line 10 三元桥D口出, 坐运通104/718/419/847等公交车到静安庄

Event Description:

Dear Ladies, I am hosting a meet up for you to talk about your Cross Culture dating and relationship issues, as a dating and relationship Coach, I will share you about my opinion and suggestion for you to solve your pains,  and teach you how to use law of attraction to attract/ keep a good lover like a lighthouse!

04/09/2016, 3:00pm~ 5:00pm

50 RMB (Including a soft drink)

Address & Map:
北京市朝阳区三元桥西西坝河东里 16号院 梦工坊咖啡二层
曙光西路 时间国际斜对面

Contact Joy:

Joy Yang, Dating Coach (约会教练)



Joyful Dating Coach Profile

Joy Yang is a committed Dating and Relationship Coach. She read lots about dating & relationship, and studied about Feminine Energy, Pick up Lines, Body Language, Voice, Emotion Management, the Law of Attraction, the Art of Loving, Self-Improvement, Talents Identification Method, Negotiation Skills, Listening skills, Confucius culture. Her Enthusiasm and Mission is to help you identify and overcome the hidden blocks that hold you back from reaching your full potential in terms of dating success, social success and overall happiness. With the help of her, you will experience immediate and long term changes that include more: confidence, drive, ambition, power, self expression, inner peace, mental clarity, patience, discipline and focus. And of course, not to mention, you will become a stunning goddess moving around that men desire, more dates, and more relationships!


Help woman to become a better her and have wonderful relationship!


We are committed to be creative on the following items:

1. Help woman to become more confident and feminine.

2. Help woman to address dating and relationship problems.

3. Help woman to get more dates.

4. Help woman to understand how to catch him and keep him.

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