Transform Your 4 inner monsters INTO the Game-Changer
Post Time:2020-5-16 20:13:00 , Author:Joy Yang
Something bothered me repeatedly in the past.
No matter how sexy I was, the man I was infatuated still ghosted me.
No matter how sweet I was, the man I liked had sex with me and then he disappeared.
No matter how open-minded I was, the man I liked still abandoned me for other woman. 
I thought winning man’s love was about polishing my beauty, my sexuality, my sweetness, my open-mind, my unconditional love to man. But my life story taught me that men don’t want unconditional love, they want love in their own terms.
I pondered “Man wants love in his own term” hard, what does it mean? 
It means that he wants to make rules in his relationship life, then an equal partner for him is a rule-maker too, and furthermore when a smart woman changes the rules of his dating, certainly has power over him and has his respect.
Who is this woman? Her Name is Game-Changer, she is a fearless woman, she is honest to herself. 
Here are your 4 inner monsters as result of your own fear:
1) Inner Pleaser takes over you.         
I was a pleaser in the past. Even now when I display my pleaser persona, I have to be aware of my pleaser pattern. 
Why did I want to please man? I wanted to get approval of men. When a woman wants to please a man, she has already lost in the game of dating and relationship. 
Quality men want an astonishing woman whom they want to surrender to. Men rage war with each other in order to get the astonishing women! 
Do Not be a pleaser dear! 
2) Inner Defender takes over you.     
I hated the men whom did me wrong instead of admitting to that I chose wrong men. 
I told my friends that I just enjoy improving myself instead of approaching men often. 
I told my parents that many couples divorced so as to justify why being single is fine.   
Good self-defending yet having a shitty life don’t make sense to me anymore. 
This weak-woman cared how other people think of her, and built a shell to protect herself. I am shame of her coward-ness and her bullshits. 
3) Inner Prider takes over you.  
As I am not a wealthy woman, neither a super successful woman, so my inner prider didn’t take over me. 
But I know some women who are super wealthy and quite successful. They told me that they are better than lots men, and they think they are queen, yet they became a pleaser in the face of an alpha man, and still got dumped by alpha man.
Some wealthy women are dating some pushover men, they think those pushover men don’t deserve marriage, but they secretly pride themselves that they are wealthier than those men.
Some smart women pride that they are smart, but still don’t take action in life to meet attractive men. 
Is this their real pride or fake-pride that covers their insecurity? 
4) Inner Insecurity takes over you.   
I once thought that I could never find a better man than the man whom I liked, so I became a pleaser, tried to polished my sexuality and my beauty and my knowledge of human psychology.
When more and more skills and knowledge attached to me, I became a better pleaser, a better defender, a better prider, but none of these shit made me become a game changer.
Who is her? Just a woman embodied thoughts “I am not good enough. I care how men think of me.”
She hasn’t transformed her inner monsters. She needs to realize that she is an adult now. She needs to get rid of her old identity that was constructed by reward and punishment, guilt and shame of other people.
In order to reign, take on the seat of Majesty Queen assertively, she needs to smash all rules of others that don’t make sense to her. She needs to establish new rules in her kingdom that benefit her and her power.
Therefore, the insecure weak woman has to die now, rebirth as a GAME-CHANGER NOW from the ash of old-self!  
A Game-Changer throws ordinary men’s old-bullshit away, make new rules in her kingdom. Her boyfriend and husband must be a real King who submits to her reign.
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- Joy Yang, Quantum Love Coach.
She helps insecure women transform their fears, become Game-Changer women that men respect and adore.

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