4 steps to Become the Desire of Man
Post Time:2020-5-14 19:27:00 , Author:Joy Yang
In order to get the best of man, women must be the object of his desire, otherwise it is hard for women to get his attention, his material contribution and his other support. 
Here are 4 steps to become the desire of man:   
1) Put on Make Up that you enjoy the most. 
You must love how you look, and must feel good about how you look, and then man wants to enjoy your good sensual energy. 
If you are a natural beauty, then you don’t need to put on make-up; and plus you can use some make-up to increase your sense of variety or goddess-looking. 
If you are not a natural beauty, then you need to use some make-up to highlight your beauty. 
2) Put on Erotic lingerie indoor. 
Imagine you are encountering a smoking hot decent looking man in a bar after work, how do you feel? Of course you want to feel smoking sexy too! 
Wearing erotic lingerie makes you feel sexy and sensual and confident. When you feel sexy, sensual and confident, your eye-fuck on man will work. 
If you feel grumpy, your eye-fuck will not work on man! 
Therefore, you need to invest on yourself through getting some great lingerie to increase your sense of confidence and sexual energy! 
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3) Put on Elegant dress outdoor. 
Follow up the scenario on step 2), you not only need to feel confident, sexy and sensual inside, you also need to project your goddess-aura outward, wearing elegant dress is the key! Your confidence, sensuality, mystery, and goddess charm radiate through your goddess-like looking and goddess-like feeling!  
4) Enjoy yourself in his presence. 
A Goddess must feel good about herself! When you feel so good about your look, feel sexy and sensual in your erotic lingerie on your intimate skin, feel like a goddess in your elegant dress, and you enjoy your own animation, then, you are a walking goddess, your eye-fuck on man will work definitely! 
Ladies, do you want your magic to work on the man you want?
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Thanks for taking time to read this article!
Ladies, you are worthy, beautiful and deserve the life you want!
- Joy Yang, Quantum Love Coach.
She helps creating Worthy-Wealthy-Well Women that men cannot help loving.

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