Thoughts-Porn: Stop Self-Improving, JUST DO IT!
Post Time:2020-5-14 19:01:00 , Author:Joy Yang
I notice that many women have too many excuses “I need to do xyz, and then I shall approach ideal man.” 
Ladies, this excuse is your epidemic covid-19 virus, it stops you from getting an ideal boyfriend forever because you never act, you are never ready to approach man, as your action is in your future, BUT future action never gets result for your NOW where is your whole life! 
Does it make sense?!!! 
Here are your excuses:
First let me make myself pretty!
Then, I will act...
I need to build confidence…
I need to lose a few more kilos fat…
I need to make more money so that I can prove to them I have my fiancé together…
I need to read a few more books to improve myself.
You can do self-improving forever, as knowledge gives you a sense of power.
BUT, without acting on your sense of power, there will be no result at all.
So self-improving non-stop without action is like masturbation which is boring! 
You need to realize: Thought is Action! Action is thinking! Don’t separate thinking and action!
For example:
I put on elegant make-up daily!
I dress beautifully daily freshly!
I work out daily!
I am approaching attractive men daily.
I am confidence!
I am healthy!
I love what I do daily!
I read books for 1 hour daily! 
This is Your real power!
Does it make sense?!!!
Does it make sense?!!!
Does it make sense?!!! 
Stop letting your covid-19 mind-trick yourself FOREVER! 
Today’s Thoughts-Porn:
Stop Self-Improving, JUST DO IT!
- Joy Yang, Quantum Love Coach.
She helps creating Worthy-Wealthy-Well Women that men cannot help loving.

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