3 Tools of Women that can dominate men
Post Time:2020-5-11 13:37:00 , Author:Joy Yang
Do you know how much power you have over men?! Every lady can make the toughest guy weak on his legs. Yet I heard many dumb dating and relationship stories from women. I feel sad for them.
So what caused women to become dumb in dating and relationship? The biggest disease that women have is ONE CORE BELIEF: “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”
Ladies, don’t get hypnotized by many spiritual teachers who tell you shit that you need to heal for so long and search for enlightenment.
Get Enlightened NOW by this realization!  
Human organism is one with universe.
Your Eyes create the light.
Your Ears create the sound,
Your Noses create the smell,
Your Skin creates the soft or hard touches,
Your tongue creates 5 flavor,
Your mind creates Your world.
You are the center of the universe for You.
What does this mean? The realization is “You are God; YOU ARE IT.”
And then, your Self-worth issue is Cured Forever. You are no longer second-hand people who have core belief “I am not good enough.”
“I am love, I am high value, I am the prize.”
Per social game, men love and want the game changer women.
As a man, when he plays game with game-changer women, it is more exciting.
Why is that?
For women who don't understand "I AM IT". Their mind is limited by the game of others, always be hypnotized by others. Of course this doesn't mean "I AM IT" should make a woman be too arrogant or too prideful.
Now, Let’s talk about 3 tools of Game-Changer Women: Sharp Mind, sensuality, tenderness.
1)    Sharp Mind
When Women with sharp mind go dating. They are goal oriented Women. Nothing like other women who follow the flow of confused man or man with bad intention.
What’s the goal when you go dating? Have a vision of a Great Family. Therefore, what’s the requirement about the man that you will qualify?
-        He is Single.
-        He is financially Strong. Don’t mess up with a man who cannot get his finance together. You need a father figure to help when you have kids.
-        He falls in love with you. Will man fall in love with some weak dumb ass woman who can be played by men easily? Hell No. If you can be toyed by man, men won’t respect you.
What do you need to change in order to become the object of their desire?
--  You need to kill your inner weakness that men can smell, and then you can rise as a Phoenix as you are enlightened!
--  You are different with every woman whom he has ever dated and you stand out like a Goddess.
--  You can see through his little games, outsmart his game every time, and make him give you what you want.
Then he will cannot help falling in love with you.
-        He wants to give his best to you. When a man falls in love with you, he will want to give his best to you. that’s masculine nature. If he doesn’t give you his best, and be satisfied with his beta-nature, get rid of his beta- ass fast.
2)    Sensuality 
Just like men have sexuality, women have sensuality. Your every sensual animation makes men’s blood pressure high. For most of men, their front cortex-mind is gone when he is with a super sensual woman. Therefore, you
need to use your sensuality. 
What does sensuality mean? You enjoy your own senses. When you see a man whom you like, eye-fuck him like you want him; Speak like you enjoy your own voice so much; breath like you enjoy him and his rhythm closely; touch yourself like you enjoy yourself when you are with him subtly; and enjoy the sound of him when he talks. This is the power of your sense. It makes man sync with you when you do that. His mind is gone.
Therefore, you must not have these 3 sins of women:
-        Being plain is a sin,
       You get to dress like a sensual goddess that looks feminine and elegant. When you go out, don’t allow your hair look messy or oily, don’t throw on your yoga pants, don’t look plain. Instead, you get to Look extraordinary and with your unique style that every man wants to have you in his arm. As you are outstanding. Take advantage of man’s weakness: they are visual creature.
-        Being boring is a sin,
       Boring women talk about “good morning, good night, did you eat? ” They want to mommy man.
       Boring women brag on their education and blowjobs. Nowadays, every woman has a degree, can blowjob well. When you brag on these, men take advantage of information you gave them. Stop bragging on basic things, start being mysterious, only share men what’s needed. Crack some jokes that makes man and you enjoy the moment when you are with him.
-        Being rigid is a sin.
       Rigid woman is byproduct of the biggest disease “I am not good enough”. When you have this disease, you care how people think of you all the time. You cannot let your unique character come out.
       Ladies, stop caring how men think of you. They are just boys. Boys get weak with sensual smart women. If they don’t measure up, and don’t give you what you want, they can go back to where they come from.
3)    Tenderness.
Ladies, you are different with men. Men want to be tough up. Your Strength as a woman is tenderness in dating and relationship. Therefore.
-        Being tough like a man is a sin.
Nowadays women have another disease, they want to be tough like a man, and compete with their men’s strength. Wrong again!
You can compete with men at your work place. But don’t compete with man when you date with him.
Be gentle with them in your talk and your animation. Don’t grab things. Touch things in men’s presence. And don’t be touching too much that looks too weird.
-        Nagging like a mommy is a sin.
Nagging women make men run away from them. Instead, Be concise and clear when you communicate with man. If you want anything from man, speak up directly or make a trick to make him comply. But don’t nag him. Nagger never keeps a man.
-        Don’t know right timing is a sin.
Don’t be tender to man too much. You are not his mommy.
What’s right timing to be tender with him? When he is in his bottom moment of his life, eg, sick-moment or feeling like a failure, he needs your hug and your encouragement that reassure him that he is a good man who is good enough and can achieve what his mind sets to.
Sense of timing is a feeling when you have a sharp mind, and starts feeling a man’s energy. You know what he needs and wants to speak next.
Ladies, Remember 3 tools above: Smart mind, Sensuality, Tenderness.
Now, you are enlightened, and you understand your 3 tools that can dominate men, Start using your power, and Make these men start contributing to you and your life.
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- Joy Yang, Quantum Love Coach.
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