Why you should ONLY date Wealthy Smart Men as a Chinese woman?
Post Time:2020-5-4 18:28:00 , Author:Joy Yang
Many people talk about love, they thought that love can be bribed. No, love cannot be bribed, instead, love is natural affection between two strong intelligent mind; Lazy people who are not responsible for their action and decision don’t understand true love which everybody has and which flows from the within to the external. 
Women mate for better partnership and select alpha gene as we also have animal attribute. This is the natural selection law of gene; women are better to choose alpha male for his better gene for our offspring and better life too.
Human mind creates time and space. Let’s think in this 3 dimensions: X-axis-TIME, Y-axis-SPACE/RESOURCE, Z-axis-CHARACTER.
1) What’s the most precious resource for a woman? her precious time! When you have lost time, you can never get it back.
2) If a man is smart, naturally he can take advantage of and use the resource of society or other people intelligently, and can exchange massive value more efficiently and effectively. 
3) What decides a man’s smartness? His cognizing and perception about his self-concept and this world. The less egotistic he is, the smarter he is, the more he knows how to cooperate with this world, the more he appreciates smarter attractive woman.
Let’s draw a spiral curve-line:
The curve-line starts from the x-axis-TIME, goes to the y-axis-SPACE/RESOURCE, goes to the z-axis-CHARACTER,
Goes back to x-axis-TIME, and then goes back to the y-axis-SPACE/RESOURCE, and then goes back to the z-axis-CHARACTER,
As our dating life goes on, which means as our time moves forward,
- The bigger value on the y-axis-SPACE/RESOURCE the curve-line touches, and the bigger value on the z-axis-CHARACTER the curve-line touches, the bigger our life shall become!
- On the contrary, the smaller value on the y-axis-SPACE/RESOURCE the curve-line touches, and the smaller value on the z-axis-CHARACTER the curve-line touches, the smaller our life shall become!
As women, for our time-span in dating a man, our goal is to marry a wealthy smart man in shorter time-span instead of longer time-span. Why?
- First, women’s time are precious as generally speaking men prefer young attractive fertile women.
- Second, if you have dated a wealthy smart man for very long time without marriage, he doesn’t like you, or because your character is not attractive enough for him to choose you.
- Third, the longer we engage with a man without marriage, we are losing our precious time resource and fertile eggs.
So ladies, in order to get best result in dating,
We’d better to mate with wealthy smarter fertile men, and we’d better not to engage long-lasting dating without marriage. This is math, and we should follow the law of natural selection of gene!
This doesn’t mean we are only in it for money without loving the men. We do love people universally. Plus, wealthy smarter fertile men deserve love and respect and admiration, because they are Alpha Gene.
Some beta-men or beta-and-beta men might complain, just leave them alone. If they want to date attractive women, they should improve themselves and compete with alpha men to become alpha men first, then they can deserve attractive women’s love proudly as they have demonstrated their alpha male pride with action!
- Joy Yang, Dating and Relationship Coach.
She helps creating Worthy-Wealthy-Well Women that men cannot help loving.

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