How to date white western men as a Chinese Woman?
Post Time:2020-5-4 18:22:00 , Author:Joy Yang
Hi Ladies,
Many of you told me that culture difference created lots pains and problems in dating with and relationship with western white men.
Here, I list the difference between Chinese Values and Western values, and then give you some suggestion on how to date white western men.
1) The West's core is Capitalism, Imperialism, adheres to the survival of the fittest, the law of the jungle, they value the law of the jungle; they dress in the cloak of democracy, the state is controlled by the profit groups of big capitalists.
- Western politicians are big brothers who play both the gangs and the hero. 
- When the benefit of Capitalists conflict with the benefit of ordinary people, western politicians are secretly concerned about the benefit of the capitalists who support their own benefit, they put the benefit of the capitalists above the benefit of the ordinary people;
- In the public, capitalists promote the slogan of supporting the benefit of the country; and create (an) external enemy for the naïve ordinary people – eg China.
- In particular, the United States care about global dominant position, as global dominant position affects the status of dollar dominance. If America loses its global dominance, it will not be able to continue printing money around the world to get money and materials from other countries.
- Even if America's ordinary people cannot get the help of the states much; one side, what makes them proud is as a citizenship of global hegemony; on the other hand, smearing china makes them more proud, their personal "sense of justice" is aroused.
- Western governments actually protect the rich.
Westerners only worship the strong, Western men only worship the strong too; even the western weak men also wish that one day they will become the wealthy and the strong.
2) The core of China is socialism with Chinese characteristics, pursues the values of serving the ordinary people; the collective opinions of ordinary people can carry the strong also can drown the strong.
The Chinese government is the parents of the people, that is, to do a good job in national development, but also to educate the people correct values.
Weak individuals, such as leftover women without background, often are ostracized and despised by the opinions of ordinary people;
When the strong who have good background and social status make mistakes, whose behaviors are against the right values, will also be drowned by the opinions of ordinary people.
The government values what people want: abundance, safety, health, democracy and strength of Chinese people.
But as human, as human have a lot of desires. Therefore, if the man who is in high-position does not control his desire, or his greedy behavior is not handled well, will accidentally fall off the altar.
In the end, I figured,
How to date Western men? 
1) If you want to date an elite Western man, 
- BECAUSE the western values the law of the jungle, You have to be confident and financially sound, and if you are financially bad, you still have to be confident and super attractive.
- You should continue to carry forward the mystery of Chinese mindset that is both macro control and overall situation control.
- BECAUSE the western values the law of the jungle, You should slap the enemy fiercely if you meet the danger of your enemy.
- - BECAUSE the western values the law of the jungle and care freedom of democracy, If you are married to an elite western and if your husband cheated, learn from the American 1st wife Melania, weigh your benefit before considering divorce.
- If you are a silly naïve girl, you will be the victim of capitalist man. European and American elite men will not marry silly naive Cinderella girl.
2) if you want to date some western men who are not so smart,
You need to be confident, and you need to talk about freedom of democracy often, respect his need of being democratic in spite of getting illness. You also need to be a smart strategist to win him effortlessly.
Finally, I suggest you not to date the western men who are not so smart, you’d better to date the elite western men. Why? When economic problems meet natural disasters, the government don’t care the ordinary people’s benefit, the poor will be forced to sleep on the street.
Ladies, I hope that this article helps you succeed in your Romantic Life. If you have any question, write a comment below! 
Live your life to the fullest. You deserve what you give to yourself. 
- Joy Yang, Dating and Relationship Coach.
She helps creating Worthy-Wealthy-Well Women that men cannot help loving.

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