Text a guy to ask you out
Post Time:2016-6-22 13:27:00 , Author:Joy Yang

Hi Ladies

I wrote a little eBook about Text a guy to ask you out!
It helps you get crystal clear about what you want in a man, and teaches you the art of texting a guy; get the guy to ask you out eventually without ruining the rapport and connection you built with man! 

If you have faced difficulties texting a guy, I think you will enjoy this eBook. 

Here is what I want you to do: 

1) Pay 10 RMB through Wechat per QR code below, PM me on Wechat and write an email to 'joyfuldating@163.com' with your wechat ID and your name and your contact. Once I received your payment, then I will send you the ebook shortly!

2) give me some feedback once you have read this ebook!

By the way, I only sell 100 eBooks this time! Later I will only keep this material for face to face coaching. So please hurry up to be in the 100 people list!

Thanks guy! :-) 



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