Matchmaking Service | 红娘服务
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>> Who we serve and work with? | 我们向谁提供服务?

We serve and work with upscale single professionals who are active, educated, attractive, and seriously looking for a good relationship. We do not accept every person that applies. 

>> About Our Matchmaking Service 

We know dating can be frustrating and disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll find Joyful Dating is very different from online dating. We are genuinely interested in understanding you and finding out what kind of person you are looking for, and we are trying out best to make sure the person we chose for you is what you want.

1, What is a matchmaking service? 

Matchmaking takes the personal legwork out of dating by outsourcing “the search” for interesting, like-minded individuals.


2, How do I get started?

First, Sign Up to be one member of Joyful Dating website, and fill the items of your profile.

Second,  we will call you to schedule a discreet, confidential interview with us. We want to learn about you and determine what you are looking for in a potential partner. We talk about what has worked for you in the past (and what hasn’t) and what your interests are. Then, we match you with other JD clients.



3, How are clients matched?

We will hand-select matches for you based upon the information we discuss in your interview! We also take into consideration the on-going feedback I receive from you after every date, as dating is a fine tuning process! We are interested in your desires, goals and what motivates you. Then, we utilize what we learn about you and apply our experience and instincts to keep improving your matches.

4, How are dates arranged?

Once our matchmakers select a match for you we will contact you by phone to tell you about the person we have chosen. Everything we have learned about you is taken into consideration for this process. The following summarizes what to expect:We respect your confidentiality and only give out your first name.We never reveal your address, last name, phone number, email address or where you work.We give you a description of your date.We share why we think you are going to enjoy meeting your next match.

5, How and where do I meet my date?

Our matchmakers arrange all the details for you. You just show up at the restaurant and enjoy your date. If your schedule makes meeting for lunch difficult, we can arrange a drink after work or weekend brunch. Our goals are that the match is well-suited and the time and place are convenient for both of you. We like to create an environment that makes getting to know the other person as comfortable and easy as possible (and fun!).

6, What happens after my date?

At the end of the date, you can exchange business cards or phone numbers and make plans to get together again. Following each date, we ask that you contact us with feedback. Feedback is an important part of the matchmaking process. From your comments and overall impression of the person, we’ll fine tune your future matches. The process couldn’t be easier! 

Price Plans: 

Plan 1: 6 months membership, includes 3 dates. Fee 1500 RMB.
计划一:6个月的会员服务,包括3个约会。 1500RMB.
Plan 2: Pay per date. Fee 600 RMB.
计划二:按次约会收费服务。600 RMB
Clarification: We help you book dating venue and relative initiation stuff, the payment above doesn't contain any consuming which will happen during your dating. 

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