Womb Spirit Rebirth + Penis Spirit Thrust = Ideal Relationship
Post Time:2018-9-18 21:36:00 , Author:Joy Yang


This era seems is an empowerment for womanhood. It is further from the truth in relationship.


Lots women feel disappointed by men, and men are kind of intimidated by the thriving women. Women become like men, men become like women, women and men become competitors instead of a dance of gender harmony.


Some women tried to emasculate men, rolled their eyes towards men, judged men, made him feel less than, inferior, not good enough. Or some women tried to put men on pedestal, allowed him to treat her like a doormat by presenting a façade.


Both men and women fear others know our own shame within. It is heartbrokenly painful.


Women ask where are the attractive good men, men ask where are the attractive good women.


I must honor that the feminist movement has done a great job that gets us the freedom and choice of fulfillment in this world.


Yet, lots of us are still lost, lots men are lost too.


I have been wanting to find an answer, a quick fix, a set of skills to use/ actions to behavior/ words to say, a framework to implement so as to get me a wonderful lover who loves me, and I love too.


Yet I am still single today! Sometimes I question and doubt myself. Although I asked big questions who am I, what do I want, what do I love doing, what gift that I want this world to benefit from me. But they didn’t get me the result a wonderful boyfriend yet.


I realize that years of my searching and learning made me a very intellect woman, yet I haven’t embodied the knowledge that I have gained.


Knowledge is boundless, yet my life is bounded, let the bounded to follow the boundless is exhaustion. Maybe I should do the opposite, let the bounded brings out the boundless knowledge that I may need in the experience with a good lover.


Where does life come from? The womb. All knowledge of human race is from life. That means all knowledge are from the womb, and I have a womb! And this is a fantastic realization.


Every woman has a sacred womb that can birth life and knowledge. What does womb crave? The thrust of a penis – the thrust the attractive mystic masculine energy.


Yet consciously lots women have lost the feminine womb spirit; lots men have lost the masculine penis thrust spirit.


Honestly, woman wants a man who vibrates mystic thrust spirit that has integrity, courage, charm, penetrative, visionary, honesty, generosity, kindness, leadership, and the ability to destroy, adventurous, very sexual, strong conviction in this world, and still has empathy, appreciates and enjoys the beauty of her.


Man wants a woman who vibrates mystic rebirth spirit in this world, a spirit that nourishes man, sees a man’s bigger potential, makes him feel his essence and potentiality, rebirth him into a bigger world with good experience with him, and still allows him to take the leader role of relationship.


Both men and women crave connection as we feel so isolated. I don’t mean being single is wrong. But we are social species, it is so much better to support each other and get really intimate and connected with each other without hiding our truths.


For me, if a man who gives me what I want in a man with his devotion, I cannot help crying in bliss, my heart is cracked opened.


I think that if a woman has the capacity to rebirth a man spiritually again and again, and offers him her feminine beauty without an agenda, he cannot help crying in bliss too, and never wants to leave her.


Let’s reclaim, honor and embody our divine spirit, the spirit of divine womb and the spirit of divine penis.


Let’s move into our bodies, walk on beautiful earth with our mystical strong character and the vulnerability of humanity, build beautiful unforgettable relationships and moments.



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