How to spot 4 types of men who just want sex?
Post Time:2018-9-8 20:04:00 , Author:Joy Yang

What does it mean that a guy just wants sex with you? It means that he wants to have sex with you but don’t want to have a relationship with you.


When a man doesn’t want a relationship with you, his reasons could be internal reasons or external reasons or pure physical reasons.


External reasons could be that he is taken.

Internal reasons could be that he wants a boost of his ego or emotional needs of his ego.

Physically could be that he just wants a release of his sexual urge.


Here are 4 common types of men who just want to have sex with you.

1)    he doesn’t give a shit about you, just want to fuck you, then leave.

2)    he is looking for a trophy sex to brag on front of his friends, so you are just a number for him.

3)    he thinks that you are less than, you are not his relationship-type girl. He is just stringing you along to get some easy sex, and still looking for his ideal girl.

4) he is taken, and just wants to use you for sexual pleasure or emotional validation, for example to feel more attractive or needed outside of his relationship.


For these 4 situations, this guy is putting you in his agenda, and he will not be curious in knowing you more consistently, because his mind already fixed the idea that you are not the one.


The type 1 and type 2 might push you for sex.

When you are in public with him, the body language of the type 1 and type 2 towards you might be open, but you will feel a strong sense of being agendalized, he will pull you to his home or your home or hotel.


The type 3 will not shower you with great dating experience with great affection.

The type 4 will be secretive! You will feel that he is hiding something from you.

When you are in public with him, the body language of the type 3 and type 4 towards you will be reluctant, and won’t hold your hands, because he might be scanning other woman or preventing from being caught by his woman or acquaintance.


On the opposite, when a guy who is really interested in you, he will be interested in you mentally, emotionally and physically!


Mentally he will want to know you more, be curious in you.

Emotional interest will be demonstrated through body language, if he really likes you, his body language is open and showing affection. Words can fake, but body language will not fake.

Physically he wants to come closer into your personal space.


In a nut shell, you won’t even feel being ignored emotionally, because you are cared and he values you enough to make sure that you feel cared.


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