Fall in love like crazy, and let go simultaneously!
Post Time:2018-3-18 2:00:00 , Author:Joy Yang


I remember when I was in 23, I met a handsome Italian boy on street in a Summer in Beijing, I stopped him with a smile and how are you, and asked him are you taken, he said no, then I asked his number, and followed him and his friends to his university, after that, wrote him love letters every day for almost half year, and finally I made him move to Beijing, live with me, and become my first foreign boyfriend for a year. Years later he told me that the time when we were together was his best moments in his life. 


Looking back, I was taking much more actions, and I was more emotional involved with man than what I am now. 


Man often say that they love cool girl. But that’s a rational insight, I think they actually love emotional woman. Enthusiasm and genuine passion are contagious, man loves that. 


Another reason that man gets crazy about emotional woman is law of attraction. 


The more rational a man is, he suppresses his emotional aspect more, but his emotional aspect is hidden within him, when he meets an emotional woman, he feels especially attracted to her, this chemistry is especially strong and crazy,because universe seeks unity and oneness, emotional self and rational self have to come together to experience integration and wholeness together.


Craziness has two sides just like a coin, there are positive side and negative side. 


Positive craziness is passion, genuine love, admiration, appreciation, intense desiring, fondling, playfulness, humor, experiencing life in its fullness and let-go-of it. 


Negative craziness could be stalking, nagging, blaming, complaining, controlling, clinging to the past without letting go of the past, negative manipulation which are behaviors that indicates that this woman is inauthentic, is unhappy but is not responsible for her own decision, basically she wants to manipulate environment/herself to obey her will without listening her own personal boundary and man’s personal boundary. 


But this is hard, without right understanding about this man, human ego’s dynamic, what she wants, needs and her boundaries, right communication skill, she could scare the man and switch on the insecurity of man, a couple in fear without genuine compassion causes heart-broken.


So, in order to allow man to experience integration of his emotional self and rational self, woman gets to express her emotional self, doing this brings out man’s emotional self and vulnerable self, and acceptance of our vulnerable self and emotional self are our strength, it makes us braver, more compassionate towards oneself and others. 


And of course boost your positive craziness, tremendous energy radiates from craziness is sexy, is living. 


What a real man wants is a woman who can inspires him. An emotional woman with right amount of craziness inspires him. Fill your emotional-self with tremendous energy, take massive actions, and let your emotional-self come out to play with man and express to him. :) 


Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed my blog just like I enjoyed writing it for you! And I hope it inspired you! Thanks for taking time to read this blog, take care, live authentically and love unconditionally! 


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