[Men] Apply The 10X Rule in getting a girlfriend
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Hi there, 


This is Joy Yang. Since Jan 27th, I came back to my hometown Hubei to spend time with my parents, and had a good spring festival with my family. In 4 days, I will be travelling back to Beijing to continue my life working as a dating and relationship coach. I am quite excited about the new beginning of this year. 


I am kind of obsessed with this career as I have been working on it for almost 4 years, and created lots content on this channel, I hope you enjoyed my content. 


Business was not so successful, but I did get clients time to time on helping men become more confident, embrace and express their real masculinity, embrace and express their vulnerability, how to approach women, and how to have better sexuality with women, recover from breakup, as well as counsel some clients who got PTSD issue. yeah, l know a lot, allow me to appraise myself for a second! :) and I really appreciate these male clients’ trust on me. 




Today, I am reading a book [ The 10X Rule ] of author Grant Cardone. It really inspired me. I am really compelled to share the 10X Rule to enhance your personal intimate relationship. 


The 10X Rule is the single principle that all top achievers are using in the most flourishing areas of their lives. The 10X Rule is the one thing that will guarantee that you will get what you want in amounts greater than you ever thought imaginable. In can work in every area of life – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, familial, and financial. 


The focus of the 10X Rule is: You must set target that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets. Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions. There is nothing ordinary about the 10X Rule. It is simply what it says it is: 10 times the thoughts and 10 times the actions of other people. The 10X Rule is about pure domination mentality. You never do what others do, you must be willing to do what they won’t do – and even take actions that you might deem “unreasonable”. This domination mentality is not about controlling others; rather, it’s about being a model for others’ thoughts and actions. Your mind-set and deeds should serve as gauges by which people can measure themselves. 10X people never approach a target aiming to achieve just that goal. Instead, they’re looking to dominate the entire sector – and will take unreasonable actions in order to do so. If you start any task with mind toward limiting the potential outcome, you will limit the actions necessary to accomplish that very goal.  


And many great insights about the 10X Rule in this book. I am going to apply this 10X rule on my business and my personal relationship. 


So if you are a single man, and you want to find a good girlfriend soon, here are 10 suggestions I gave you.


1) Speak to/ appraise three new girls daily.


2) Make 7 new female friends every week.


3) Have 3 dates every week at least.


4) Have 3 sex every week at least. (if you have gf, I suppose you should have 7 sex at least per week.) 


5) Give appraise to yourself 10 times at least every day, 


6) Workout 4 times at least every week.


7) Approach the very attractive girl whom you consider as outside of your league by following your instinct. The effort of approaching an ordinary girl is almost same as approaching an attractive girl. 


8) Be 10 times more playful with your date or female friends. 


9) Set 10 times financial goal, and take 10 times actions to achieve that goal. 


10) Love and cherish yourself 10 times by encouraging yourself, taking care of your body, receiving help from your friends. 


I really sincerely want you to put these suggestions into actions, I am sure you will be 10 times more attractive, successful and happier. Because 10 times actions will bring you results for sure! 


And by the way, I have written a small eBook <> to teach guys how to approach a woman. The blueprint I outline in this book is working great for many top dating coaches, resonates with me as a sensual woman, and I believe that it can help you, too. 


Grab one copy for yourself by CLICKING here [If you have trouble in approaching girls, Please read this!], and use it to assist yourself to kick off applying the 10X rule ASAP, and get yourself a girlfriend 10 times sooner.


Alright, I hope you enjoyed the 10X Rule I shared you today! 


Work hard, Love life, Love woman, and Take care. 


Talk soon! 


- Joy Yang, Your dating and relatinoship Coach. 


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