Be Instanding to attract any man you want
Post Time:2018-1-14 11:47:00 , Author:Joy Yang

If you have tried to be beautiful, sexy, smart, kind, nice, bitch, humorous, outstanding… to get and keep man, and still cannot find success with man in dating, then you are reading the right article. 


What if there was no language no words, then concepts and symbols would not exist, then the meaning of trying to be all things above would not appear in your mind, there would be no problem about dating in your mind, and you would find attracting men become so effortless by using your innate feminine power “Being Instanding”. 


What’s being Instanding? 


All men want to be outstanding, the other part that makes outstanding man whole is instanding woman. 


For example, if man is the spectacular shining star in the sky, then woman is the unfathomable dark space, the space contains and births stars; another example, in making love process, manhood is outstanding, a pussy is instanding, an instanding woman simply celebrates and enjoys man and whatever he gives and creates for her.  


#1, An instanding woman follows her intuition and her body, allows man to assert himself inside her per her selection. If she feels she wants a man, she allows herself to get on with this man and enjoy him.


#2, An instanding woman makes mistakes in dating, but doesn’t get stuck in the pain of making mistakes. She is like clouds, quickly feel a man out through experience, observation, and developed a sense of intuition, that is profound confidence that attracts man easily. 


#3, An instanding woman lets go of her self-image quickly. You see there isn’t self-image for a baby girl, a baby girl is so free and alive, and all men love baby girl, so an instanding woman who has such a free-spirit would attract men easily. She knows that all pain is the result of escaping from the present moment. She anchors herself in the present moment. 


#4, An instanding woman is playful. Because she is able to let go of the stories in her mind, anchors herself in present moment, free and alive, so she can relax and play with a man and can bring all her presence to a man. 


What does a man want?


A man wants to be useful to man and mankind, and wants to play with a beautiful soft alive woman. An instanding woman is the exact woman who is the other part of an outstanding man which makes him feel whole and inspired. 


So my message to woman is: Your biggest power is being instanding! 


And I want you to take an action after reading this blog: Invite a man who you like to be useful for you by asking him a help, and start from there to enjoy time and play with him. 


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