Avoid these 7 mistakes in dating to Keep Him Effortless
Post Time:2018-1-14 11:45:00 , Author:Joy Yang


These 7 mistakes are what men taught me about what they don’t like in a woman in my marketing research. 


1) Be a vacuous doormat. 


A vacuous doormat is a woman who has no life, no passion, no hobbies, feels lonely, wants validation and companionship, yet she has no courage to voice her needs directly, or even if she voiced her needs, when man doesn’t change and still let man walk over her, disrespect her and mistreat her without leaving him. 


2) Exercise manipulation or power control over him.


Manipulation over man makes man feel unsafe, uncertain, unfree, so man will hardly trust you if you exercise manipulation over him, thus man is less likely open to you emotionally. 


Power control over man disempowers man, which doesn’t make man feel masculine nor sexy nor free, so you are emasculating him basically. 


All of us want to feel empowered, trusted, safe, respected. So exercise manipulation or power control over him will destroy your relationship or the potential of your relationship for sure.  


3) Make him feel less than. 


For example, complaining that he is not making enough money, especially compare him to another man who performs better than him financially/ sexually or other aspects of his life. 


Nobody wants to feel less than, make him feel less than will turn him off. 

When a man doesn’t feel good about himself in your presence, then he is going to find another woman who makes him feel good about him. 


4) Contemn him.


Basically you disrespect him, consider him as trivial, no-value, and belittle him. 

Contemn is very strong disliking someone. Nobody would feel good if you contemn him. 


5) Outrageous slutty in improper time and/or situation.


For example, wear a dress that you show off too much skin. Talk about things like orgasm in the very first date. Men might consider you as not-confident, not-elegant woman. 


6) Make him feel like a bad guy. 


This can take place in difference forms. For example, nagging him, complaining him, being passive aggressive, becoming hot and cold often, blaming him, basically all these behaviors make man feel man feel like he is a bad guy unconsciously and consciously, makes man feel unsafe with you, literally you turn him to an enemy of you. 


7) Be a Self-centered woman who doesn’t give a shit about him. 


In this case, you just want to take benefits from relationship, and show no appreciation, affection, and caring to the guy. So man won’t feel being accepted, appreciated, cared, respected in the relationship. No many how beautiful you are, in long run, man probably will hate you and leave you if you are always self-centered and doesn’t give a shit about him. 


Knowing what a man doesn’t want is a good news, so (the similar of) the opposite to what he doesn’t want is what he wants: an attractive woman who is self-loving, self-respecting, loving him, respecting him, and make him feel valued, desired, respected, admired, adored, appreciated. 


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