How would you live your life If you were reborn just now
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If I was dead, disappeared, just like I went to sleep, lost all my single-string-radar-consciousness, and then I woke up at this moment without any memory of my past, how would I want to live my life? 


I knew I had been there, but since I cannot remember lots of my childhood experience now, so let me imagine and create the kind of new life that I want to experience again in my own way.


So what would be the fundamental assumption of my new life?  


I am just COMING OUT of the womb of my mom, I could access to food as long as I needed, and I felt one with the liquid in my mom’s womb, and I felt one with my mom. 


So the basic assumption must be that I COME OUT of this world, and I and this world is trusted, and I don’t feel any difference between this world and me at this moment. 


If people stare at me, I will start at them direct into their eyes. If their eyes get warm, my eyes will get warm; if their eyes get sad, my eyes will get sad too.


If people kiss me when I meet them, I will be curious in exploring all the sensations, I probably will find all sorts of ways to intensify this excitement.


If I had a lot of fun with some people, and then I exhausted myself, I will just tell them I am tired, and then leave them without any guilt & obligation, and I am sure I will be looking forward to seeing them again. 


Since I got my needs met in the womb, I feel I am entitled to get my needs in this world. If I got my needs (food, clothing, shelter, and be connected with mom) met, I will be exploring this weird world that seems everything is new for me, and there are so many things and beings out there, I am just following my senses, and I want to feel more with a sense of wondering. 


I feel abundant, happy, joy, peace, and new. 

If I get tired, I will go to rest, when I am recovered energetically, I will go back to play, continue to exploring the world and be excited in feeling my sensations next day. 


I am open to everything except feeling tired when I cannot play. 


And when I spend time with people who drag too much of my energy, I naturally want to leave them behind without any guilt feeling. Because I don’t know what guilt means. 


If I touch a pot of really hot water, I will pull my hands away from it with my instinct. 

If I touch a really icy cold ice, I might explore its icy coldness. After the exploration, probably I will move on to other things. 


So I have no sense of good or bad other than feeling connected with my mom, feeling abundant, feeling pleasure, feeling pain sometimes, feeling tired, feeling curious, feeling excited, and wondering. 


It shocked me after I read what I wrote above. All the heavy mental energy in the mind that we suffer are not in this imagination. 


What if I started a brand new relationship with a man whom I feel oneness at the first sight that I see him, how that would I operate the relationship with him?  


Imagine I just come out of abundant love, plus he is so new to me, I am excited to explore him in a natural way. 


When I wake up at morning, I know he is there, and I can access to him whenever I want, I can text him: “Hey handsome, good morning, I am so excited to start today! I am going to do xyz now. Have a good day to you! Check with you later!”


When I am about to finishing work at late afternoon, I can text him: “handsome boy, I am going to have dinner at mmm restaurant, come and join me! I have something amazing that I want to show you!” 


Realize the energy behind these two texts, I feel that he is accessible when I want, I can ask him out so direct and natural without the need of defending myself / him, my invitation is a state of openness and curiosity, I am totally sincere and in a state of lightness, and playfulness!


If I can continue this dynamic with a man long enough just 4 weeks, I am sure the relationship will grow stronger and stronger. Because this relationship goes from oneness to oneness. 


From oneness to loss, it is unbearable! Just like we are one with air and water, without air and water, we will be dying. From consistent oneness to loss is unbearable! 


Imagine you just come out of abundant love, and this man is new and one with you, imagine how would you operate your relationship from there? 


Remember there was no lack in your being!


Through these two imagination, 


I realize that, to find life with life, the first state we get to practice is starting from feeling oneness with life! 


I realized that, to find love with a man, the first state we can practice is starting from feeling oneness with that man! 


This is such a great inspiration and such a great idea. I am going to practice it, and I will share you my experience someday in the near future! 


Hey my lovely peers, 


I am curious how your experience would be if you had practiced this idea,

I am curious how your life would be if you had practiced this idea, 

I am curious how your intimate relationship would be if you had practiced this idea, 

I am curious how your life would be changed as a result of this idea! 


And I am looking forward to reading your comments about this idea in the comment section below soon! 


Author: Joy Yang 


Joy Yang is a Dating and Relationship Coach. 

She teaches International Singles and Couples Self-love and Authentic-communication, so that they can attract and keep quality partners, and become their best version.


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