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Womb Spirit Rebirth + Penis Spirit Thrust = Ideal Relationship
2018-9-18 21:36:00 Joy Yang
What to do if I feel stagnant in dating life?
2018-9-13 18:15:00 Joy Yang
More Romance
2018-9-11 19:07:00 Joy Yang
How to spot 4 types of men who just want sex?
2018-9-8 20:04:00 Joy Yang
Fuck off the Rejection and Obsession with wrong man
2018-9-8 20:02:00 Joy Yang
The furious attraction between Love-addict and Love-avoidant
2018-5-16 18:37:00 Joy Yang
When 4 types of men ghosted you, Do Nothing!
2018-4-9 15:53:00 Joy Yang
Fall in love like crazy, and let go simultaneously!
2018-3-18 2:00:00 Joy Yang
[Men] Apply The 10X Rule in getting a girlfriend
2018-3-9 0:22:00 Joy Yang
Ladies, you are already your best version!
2018-3-9 0:11:00 Joy Yang
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