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1, I admire your brave and initiative!  - Angela 

2, Your dating consulting skill is good - Allen

3,  最近和joy老师沟通了和男朋友的问题。那些问题确实让我很头疼,有些情绪自己很难排解。但是和joy 老师沟通后感觉好了很多。她从爱自己的角度帮助我分析事情的原委。很客观。也很有力量。同时教给我一些恋爱的方式和禁忌。男人和女人毕竟不一样,如何彼此沟通,如何和谐相处互相更爱彼此是需要经营和理解的。joy 老师非常有耐心而且很热情。会积极主动的给你很多很好的建议。非常感谢她。我真的从中收获了很多。:) - 匿名用户1

4, "You know what?It's perfectly working!  I can't even believe that i am so relaxed  happy and even full of passion for my life.All of above is happening just because of this guy -JOY.She is  a very beautiful girl with kindness patience and love.Cause she will spare her available time to help those who are in need .For example-me .I am Haidee ,a senior high school student ,feeling bad with all staffs in school in the past several months .However i am really flatterednow.Thanks for your effective help .You are the most professional  relationship  coach i've ever met .Thank you !&Love you!" - Anonymous User 2

5, “I was like a crazy man and did not know where to go, how to react. In one line I was hopeless.

I was feeling lonely, so much anger inside and cannot sleep well, now feeling better.

Your service is so familiar; it gives relief to me.

First day I was talking with her, her gaudiness was really so well, it’s really work to solve the problem, now I am working on it.

Now I am feeling positive and full of strength, like new life born inside me.
”- Long Yang

6, “My problem was not being able to move on after a breakup, and my difficulty of saying "no" and avoiding "conflicts".

Frustration was like as if I couldn't solve the problem. A mixture of fear and anxiety. I can't say I solved completely my issues but I have become better since the treatment.

The service was different since I felt there was more result than other psychologists I went to before. I felt that you could understand my issues better since you are Chinese and my parents are also Chinese. Even though I am Foreigner I have Chinese background which maybe the Foreigner psychologists can't identify so well.

I don't know which exact moment. I just know that sometimes I think about some of what we talked during session and try to practice it.

I haven't solved my problem but I feel my life has changed since the sessions. I know I still have a lot to improve and probably my head has a lot of resistance but I believe that I can become my better self through the sessions.
”- Anonymous


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